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Wissenschaftliches Netzwerk „Die Soziologie soziologischen Wissens“
Research network „The sociology of sociological knowledge“

Interview with Karin Knorr Cetina in @sociologica_ on what drove her interest in financial markets. I like her reflections on the fact that in Germany the sociology of finance didn't emerge in Frankfurt, Munich, or Cologne, but Bielefeld, of all places!

There is still time to submit your abstract(s) to STS Conference Graz 2022! @tugraz

Four dozens of wonderful sessions, among them two (co-) chaired by me, "Cultures of Prediction" and "Simulations: Forms and Epistemologies" (with Bernhard Wieser).


Am 17.02. und 18.02. findet der Methodenworkshop mit dem Titel "Methodologien der quantitativen Sozialwissenschaft" statt, mit einer Keynote von @EsserHartmut, Beiträgen von @c_kroneberg, Marco Schmitt, Andreas Schmitz, @NinaBaur uvm! Bei Interesse: 👇

How early career strategies relate to long-term career success: Great paper in @ASR_Journal on the case of US sociology, 1980-2015. In short: Thematic consistency and certain topics/methods in your thesis will improve your chances of becoming an advisor


In der neuen Ausgabe der Soziologischen Revue habe ich den gelungenen von Christian Fleck und Christian Dayé herausgegebenen Band "Meilensteine der Soziologie" @Campusverlag rezensiert.

Nur eine Prise mehr "Präsentismus" hätte ich mir gewünscht.

FQS – Debate: “Quality of Qualitative Research” #sociology #sssi #emca

Last reminder!! The deadline for abstracts for our special issue on International Circulations and Inequalities in the Social Sciences in #Serendipities is November 15th 2021. @benz_pierre @JohannaGautier1 @elisakluger. For more details:

Sociologists working on non-US cases: what have been your experiences with peer review in “mainstream” journals? I’ve heard stories ranging from happy acceptance (rare) to outright rejection bc paper was misfiled as “area studies.” #soctwitter

Important new article (#OpenAccess) by Matthias Duller @ceu on the history of sociology in Postwar Europe:

Sociologists: I know I've seen this, but where is there empirical evidence for status demarcations and distinctions between quantitative and qualitative work?

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