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Wissenschaftliches Netzwerk „Die Soziologie soziologischen Wissens“
Research network „The sociology of sociological knowledge“

Call for Papers: Frauen in der Soziologiegeschichte – #Soziologie Deadline:31.7.2022 #Diversität in der Wissenschaft

I am glad to announce that my book
Experts, Social Scientists, and Techniques of Prognosis in Cold War America (@Palgrave 2020)
received the

2022 Distinguished Scholarly Publication Award

of the @ASAHistSoc section of @ASAnews.

Meanwhile in America…the absurdity of this academic nationalism made me laugh at first, but of course, the politics behind it are really worrying. quote from:;

I'm writing a paper on the apparent withering (= lack of disciplinary significance) of grand theories in sociology nowadays. What do you think, why is there no new Luhmann/Bourdieu/Foucault etc coming up?

Justifying the canon of sociological theory: Silver et al. distinguish three modes in which textbooks legitimize the theories they include: functionalist (disciplinary unity), historicist (foundational role), and humanist rhetoric (intrinsic qualities)


Nothing speaks Bielefeld sociology as loud as this printout taped on the door of the faculty's IT office. Priceless.

Endlich ist es soweit: Wir gründen einen AK für Historische Soziologie in der @KultursozDGS @DGSoziologie. Wer mitmachen möchte, oder einfach Interesse hat an historisch-soziologischer Forschung, kommt vorbei!
Infos zur Anmeldung gibt's hier: @Soziopolis


"Governing (by) expertise. The politics of social scientific knowledge production." Fantastic program for this workshop at ENS Paris-Saclay on 28-29 April


Nice paper. (Some of?) the most important statistical ideas in past 50 years

#soctwitter, I am reviewing an interesting paper using qual interviews. The authors often count statements etc (eg half stated x) to indicate salience. Yet the sample is not a random one. How am I to think about this (as an absolute non-expert on qual)?

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