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Wissenschaftliches Netzwerk „Die Soziologie soziologischen Wissens“
Research network „The sociology of sociological knowledge“

What Do German Sociologists Do All Day? A comprehensive, English-language overview of recent work in various fields provides some clues (open access):

Field analysis on power structures and symbolic divisions in elite US sociology. Really cool data! By @TommakWarczok and Stephanie Beyer (@LCSS_Hannover) in @Poetics_Journal

Wie werden eigentlich soziologische Theorien gemacht?

CfP für die Ad-hoc-Gruppe "Die Praxis soziologischer Theoriebildung" beim #sozkon2021
Deadline für Abstracts: 15. April

#CfP #Theorie #Theoriebildung #theorizing @Theoriesektion

What is a method? Richard Swedberg on different uses of the term method in sociology. Method is most commonly used as a means to an end, but methods are never a-theoretical. Often overlooked: the heuristic method

Some sociologists think they're scientists, some think they're not; some think it's good we're in one discipline, some don't. Maybe a downside of this division is that to avoid conflict we don't study and debate the question, a détente that hinders understanding. Just an idea.

Kurzgespräch zur Rolle der #CoronaSoziologie (Reimt sich Wissenschaftssoziologin auf „Wissenschaftsprofessorin“? 🤔)

Fellow social theorists/sociologists/anthropologists/etc.: what would you say counts as the most 'innovative' approach in social theory over the past 20 years? Hit me.

(iz for a smol project)

How Weber's power travels: This piece - from 1977 in @sociologyjnl - starts off by listing how other influential authors (from Parsons over Bendix to Blau) have translated Weber's definition of power. It painstakingly lists the variances in these translations:

Check out this special issue on Practices of Ethnographic Research, edited by our network members Andrea Ploder and @JulianHamann1. It contributes from a practice perspective to methodological reflexivity and social studies of social sciences:

On techniques and strategies of theorizing: This paper describes general patterns of theorizing that can be found in the work of Bourdieu, Luhmann and Habermas: theory construction by comparing different theories' "solutions" to a "problem" [German]

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