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Wissenschaftliches Netzwerk „Die Soziologie soziologischen Wissens“
Research network „The sociology of sociological knowledge“

Happy to announce the publication of a volume on transnational relations in Cold War social science, co-edited by Mark Solovey (@UofT) and myself (@tugraz) with @Palgrave.

A big THANK YOU to our authors!

Please spread the word! 😃

@ToBeAsBold Ganz frisch, vielleicht interessant?

Wer beschäftigt sich in der deutschen Soziologie gegenwärtig eigentlich ernsthaft mit Rollentheorie?

Does sociology have anything to gain by returning to the concept of social role? New open access article by @lsmyth2

"We conclude that studying the family in a vacuum, without accounting for the role of culture, may lead to misleading conclusions." Before you jump to conclusions about economics disciplinary imperialism... I did confirm that this piece does not cite a single piece of sociology.

I just published "Quantifying the exclusionary process of canonisation, or How to become a classic of the social sciences" @ International Review of #sociology @tandfonline

I'm doing revision lectures for my students on Social Theory so have devised this slide as a handy background tool to help structure/guide revisions - thought it could come in handy for other lecturers:

🚨🚨🚨 Deadline endet heute!!! 🚨🚨🚨

Interesting comments on Rosa and his reception in the US, from a Bourdieusian point of view.

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