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Wissenschaftliches Netzwerk „Die Soziologie soziologischen Wissens“
Research network „The sociology of sociological knowledge“

My response to Nick Gane is now published in ⁦@BJSociology⁩ ‘What makes for a successful sociology? A response to “Against a descriptive turn”’

Against a descriptive turn in sociology: Responding to @MikeSav47032563 and Burrows, Gane sketches out current challenges of sociological research in the face of new forms of methodological expertise and 'big data', in @BJSociology

Dear #soctwitter #AcademicTwitter, my colleague @rahel_estermann and I are organizing a net- and co-working event for "Women in Computational Social Science", 14th-16th May 2020, taking place in Lucerne, Switzerland.


A Crisis of Sociology or Just a Crisis of Academic Sociology? Some interesting contributions on the profession of sociology and on sociological education and job markets in the new themed section of International Review of Sociology:

Today's episode of @socannex talks about the role of classical theory in our graduate curricula, featuring @seth_abrutyn from @UBCSociology @UBC

The sociologist: a profession without a community? New paper in International Review of Sociology argues for the need to construct a community of interest that includes practitioners and academic sociologists

Well worth reading!! Opens new questions in the sociology of evaluation!

Today at 'When Does Explaining Become Explaining Away? Compassion, Justification and Exculpation in Social Research' @CRASSHlive - I'll be discussing the next two papers but will do my best to Tweet intermittently!

1. There's a tension in qualitative work, esp. ethnography, between telling stories (often important stories about social problems) and making arguments. "What's the argument" is something I hear a lot when discussing cases for job search, in reviews of articles etc. A thread.

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