Wissenschaftliches Netzwerk „Die Soziologie soziologischen Wissens“
Research network „The sociology of sociological knowledge“

Looking forward to our 3rd network meeting on "Sociological and historical perspectives on methods in the social sciences", with guests @BerlinerLufti and Sarah Igo


New: Announcing @LSEPress - a new open access publishing platform for the social sciences https://t.co/pQJuE3vB98

Stellungnahme der DGS zur Gründung einer "Akademie für Soziologie" https://t.co/N6AZ70MnAd

@sociologyknow #Merton https://t.co/e6ragSrLKA

More revisions of a paper = more citations? Study on a social science journal suggests that reviewers and editors contribute to a manuscript, leading to greater recognition when it is published

LSE Impact Blog@LSEImpactBlog

The more revisions a paper undergoes, the greater its subsequent recognition in terms of citations https://t.co/s9gq8z7kMI

Want to do a short study visit @CHEPS_UT looking at differences in how different European countries approach creating impact from Social Sciences and Humanities research? €2500 support available via @ENRESSH! Deadline 1 May 2018 https://t.co/MPhcGR72v5

Publications in the SSH - study on eight countries shows different patterns both between fields and between national traditions. Policy implications of findings like these have not yet been fully grasped https://t.co/bxc4Xpr1Wm

We just released the CfP for our Summer School "Science and Politics", 10-14 September 2018 @FIW_Bonn. Keynotes by #DanielSarewitz, @RudolfStichweh, @jameswilsdon. See https://t.co/6i3thXS4Nu

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