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Wissenschaftliches Netzwerk „Die Soziologie soziologischen Wissens“
Research network „The sociology of sociological knowledge“

Check out this special issue on Practices of Ethnographic Research, edited by our network members Andrea Ploder and @JulianHamann1. It contributes from a practice perspective to methodological reflexivity and social studies of social sciences:

On techniques and strategies of theorizing: This paper describes general patterns of theorizing that can be found in the work of Bourdieu, Luhmann and Habermas: theory construction by comparing different theories' "solutions" to a "problem" [German]

Longitudinal overview over 40 years of Luhmannian research based on a quantitative content analysis of 1231 articles


OK bibliometricians and related social scientists, let me know how you like this. If it passes twitter I'll elevate to a blog post. Here are 12 sociology journals and their Journal Impact Factors from Web of Science. They rank between 2 and 46 in the WoS "Sociology" category /1

Current issue of #philsci of the social sciences is out - with a symposium on social (meta-)ontology 🎉 (with contributions by @dlittle30, Lauer, Kincaid & me).

Public Keynote today: "Digital Sociology. From Situational Analysis to Situational Analytics"
@NoortjeMarres talk at the Sektion WuT @wisstechdgs der @DGSoziologie
More info: From

What is at stake for social sciences and humanities in the age of big data? New contribution by our member @MartinaFranzen to the edited volume "The Digital Transformation. Implications for the Social Sciences and the Humanities" #openaccess

A brilliant book: Camic’s Veblen: The Making of an Economist Who Unmade Economics by Charles Camic. Harvard Univ, via @publisherswkly

CFP for the Social Science History Association meetings 2021 out now! If can't do Philly in 2021, at least come to the SSHA in 2022 in Chicago when I'll be President of the SSHA & where, after delivering a rousing Presidential Address, I'll 'buy' everyone a drink. 🙂

Sociology doesn't have a norm about self-citation. What's the right level? Too much and your salami might be too thin, too little and you might not be building on your own work.

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